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Year in Cool – 2012

I’ve been MIA here, lately. Turns out, writing a research-heavy historical memoir is massively time-consuming. Who’d have thought? However, there’s no way I’d miss our annual Year in Cool post, because writing this post is more fun than spending a … Continue reading


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Huhns in Space

As you may have heard, that intrepid man-about-town Richard Branson has developed a spaceflight program for civilians, Virgin Galactic. Anyone who can cough up $200,000 is now eligible to venture into the great unknown. (The latest person to sign up … Continue reading

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Last week, I purchased the Blu-ray edition of “Planet Earth.” We’d missed the series when it originally aired in the U.S. because at that time, I was still nursing my firstborn and was such a bleary, exhausted mess, the entire … Continue reading

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When Dreams Don’t Come True

Presenting…my first-ever cameo guest post! A few months ago, wanting to reference Sally Ride in a post I was writing, I Googled “first female U.S. astronaut” – only to discover that Sally Ride does not hold that distinction. And I … Continue reading

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Into the (Not So) Deep

Hollywood has a long and fruitful history of making disaster movies that feature large quantities of humans being wiped out by “off-planet” forces: asteroids, solar flares, aliens, and so forth. From Armageddon to Deep Impact to War of the Worlds … Continue reading

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We Are Who-ville

I used to think Planet Earth was a pretty big place. That was before I gained a little perspective. A few months ago, my husband and I were driving to a friend’s house. While looking up at a streaky afternoon … Continue reading

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Capturing the Final Frontier

If you aren’t bewitched, baffled, boondoggled, and bedazzled (okay, maybe not that last one) by outer space, then you haven’t been paying attention. Here’s the story. Of a scope named Hubble. (Stick with me. This gets fantastic.) In 1923, a … Continue reading

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Writing that rocks – Disturbing the Universe

You can find the most interesting things in other people’s garages. We were all at Brother #2’s house, a few months ago (this was the same visit where I learned of the North Sentinel Islands), and the guys and I … Continue reading

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