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Year in Cool – 2012

I’ve been MIA here, lately. Turns out, writing a research-heavy historical memoir is massively time-consuming. Who’d have thought? However, there’s no way I’d miss our annual Year in Cool post, because writing this post is more fun than spending a … Continue reading

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The Year in Cool

I apologize – you’ve been misled. The title of this post is not The Year in Cool; it’s actually (in the spirit of Christmas) The Twelve Days of Physics. But if I’d said that up front, one or two of … Continue reading

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Objects in the Mirror…

It goes far beyond the familiar warning about objects in our rearview mirrors, by now. I hate to tell you this, but all sorts of objects, everywhere, might not be anything like they appear. I’ve been reading a book that … Continue reading

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The L.H.C. (Wait…we can DO that?)

Right now, as we speak, something freaky, mind-boggling, unbelievable (insert your own adjective here) is taking place within a circular tunnel buried underneath France and Switzerland. And it’s entirely possible that you’ve never heard a word about it. The tunnel, … Continue reading

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